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Hassle-free ride Experience
at your door steps!

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Join as a Driver!

Get 100% fare ownership
Start earning what you truly deserve!
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Instant Payment

With DRIFE, when you get paid for the ride, your earnings automatically get transferred to your bank account daily. You can choose how frequently you want to get paid from your driver app

No Commission

With DRIFE, 100% of the fare that’s paid will be yours, enabling you to take your full earnings home. Our zero-commission structure will lead to better incomes

Network Building

As a DRIFE Partner, you can earn incentives in the platform’s native DRF tokens for your active participation within the platform through ride activities, referral bonuses, and bounties

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Who are we


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My name is Narsimhraju and have been a driver from the past 8 years, I have driven for different vendors and then came DRIFE in November 2021, where there was 0% commission and incentives per ride. DRIFE is a blessing in disguise to fulfil my commitments in these tough times.

How it works
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Join as a Rider

As a DRIFE Rider, enjoy a hassle-free ride experience. You can earn incentives in the platform for your active participation within the platform, through ride activities, referral bonuses, and bounties.

Ride for Everyone

We have cabs for every occasion for everyone from daily commutes to special evenings out. Compare prices on every kind of ride from Sedans and SUVs to luxury and travel in style at any time of the day

Cashless Rides

Now go cashless and ride easy. With DRIFE wallet, simply recharge and enjoy hassle-free payments

Phone number Masking

Our app makes phone numbers anonymous, so your personal information stays private

No more Peak rates!

No more surge pricing or increased charges during peak hours. DRIFE brings transparency to your ride charges and you need to pay only the actual fare

Healthy and Safer Rides

Your safety is our priority. You can see the verified driver and car details in the app, an instant-click shareable route & location, and an emergency SOS button. Count on a clean car for your ride

Boost Your Search Area

With DRIFE's boost, there won't be any more canceled rides. All you need to do is increase your search area by boosting your quote, hop on and travel anytime anywhere

Ride in Style With DRIFE

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DRIFE Budget

Planning a short trip or going to the office, this ride is a direct route to your destination. You’ll get a standard car with four seats all by yourself


DRIFE Premium

 A premium experience with a top driver (and extra legroom) for business and family trips

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Stretch your legs in a roomy affordable SUV. You will have plenty of room for your family and enough space for your luggage









Ride with Blue

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Download the Rider App
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Download the Driver App
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