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Safety with DRIFE

Because we care for you
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For your Safety

With the rise of ride-sharing services available around the world, it has been easy for users to commute with app-based services and cashless transactions. The introduction of ride-sharing companies at the start gave the users the liberty to use one application and one account that could be used universally. However, with the rise of such services, one question that does ring a bell is passenger safety, especially in countries with loose law controls. This paper focuses on the aspect of passenger safety in ride-sharing services.

There have been reports of harassment, assault, and robbing of passengers on these rides. However, no strict measures could be taken because the company did not have full control over the driver, vehicle, and ride. Poor feedback systems have also added fuel to the fire. As much as they are filling the gap with better services across the world, there is a dire need for possible security measures to make sure that rider safety is ensured from the start of the journey until he or she reaches the destination.

Different suggestions that have been given include the introduction of mandatory dash cams in the rides, through which the rider can put a live transmission of his or her ride on social media or YouTube in order to have more eyes on it. Moreover, an introduction of a watchdog network, which can volunteer to monitor rides, can also keep an eye on the transmission and contact lawmakers in case of emergency. A distress alarm on the app can be made available, which can report discomfort of the rider or suspicious behaviour of the driver. Other measures like keeping indoor lights on during after-dark hours, displaying the ride-sharing company’s sticker on the front and rear of the car, and introducing a passenger insurance add-on in the ride type can also enhance the rider's security.

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Annual checks and ongoing monitoring

Every driver is required to pass a professionally administered background check before they drive and each year after that. We also conduct continuous criminal monitoring and driving record checks of current drivers.  Anyone with disqualifying violations won't be able to drive with DRIFE

Mandatory Safety Education

We proactively educate all riders and drivers on our Community Guidelines. Anyone who violates these guidelines or our Terms of Service may be permanently removed from the platform.

Two way Accountability

Your feedback matters. Rate your Driver and Rider, low rated trips are recorded, and users may be removed from the platform

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